My mentor search may not have been as conventional as others because I began searching for a research advisor early in the summer. It was by the suggestion of a good friends dad I met with a professor working on Boron isotope cancer research. Because of certain family circumstances I was very interested in assisting him on his work. Since then I have also met with one other advisor and am going to meet with one more possibility tomorrow!

The second advisor I met with also had a very interesting research project involving snake populations here and also in the great lakes area. One of the things that attracts me most to his research is his use of live specimen collection. Which means field work- that got me really excited! However it seems that it may be difficult for me to work with him this season due to the fact that a lot of his data collection occurs in the summer and early fall months. Tomorrow I am going to meet with another professor who is doing research in the field that I am interested in working with in the future. Her research revolves around macular degeneration. I plan on pursuing a career as an ophthalmologist. in the future so I can only imagine the benefits and the amazing things I could learn from working in her lab.

So thus far I have met with some amazing possible faculty advisors and I am looking forward to my last meeting tomorrow. I believe the research I will conduct this year will definitely lie within the medical realm.

Stay Calm-Research On

Katie Denius

September 16, 2014