I am just about on course with my timeline. Due to a failed attempt with one of my sample runs I am about a week behind but am planning on going into the lab extra the weeks following Spring Break. I just finished running a sample of lipofuscin of a 20 year old man with no ocular disease, he therefore served as a control. When I return I am planning on running two samples one with wet age related macular degeneration and one with dry age related macular degeneration. I will then hopefully have enough data to use in my final abstract for my URAD presentation. In order to ensure I meet my schedule to finish my research by URAD I will be going into the lab probably 3 or 4 days a week versus only going in 2.

The reception at President Baker and Dr. Stover’s house was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed getting to know Dr. Stover there and was really impressed by how welcoming they both were. I also though it was cool to see all my fellow Research Rookies with there mentors, it gave everyone a great chance to introduce their projects in preparation of URAD. I was so impressed by the number of faculty mentors who were at the President’s reception, it really goes to show just how many people their are at NIU to support student development if they merely reach out for the opportunities which are available to them.

Keep Calm and Research On!

Katie Denius