Making the poster for URAD has been a little harder than I expected. Luckily I was able to use some of the information from my proposal in my poster but that meant cutting back on information that I know is pertinent to the project. Making the information fit within the poster requirements while still trying to keep it interesting (with pictures) has been by far the greatest challenge. I never thought I would be having trouble cutting back on the amount I wanted to say, especially at this level. I am most excited to talk about my research to people. When you have been working on something for this long and this hard it feels good to know you can inform others and teach them what you have learned! I am mainly nervous about the questions from professionals in either biology or chemistry. My next step is to continue my current project over the summer with Dr. Gaillard’s lab group.

As a Research Rookie I learned about responsibility, respect and awareness. I enjoyed working with the graduate students and talking with my faculty adviser. My lab group made me feel welcome and comfortable working with them, which is something a freshman working in a laboratory definitely needs. Because my research project correlates directly to my future career I can definitely say it has helped excite me more than anything else. I can’t wait to continue my research and see where this path takes me in the next three years. I want to initially thank the staff of the OSEEL office who have run this program all year and give a special shoutout to Lauren Bodde. I want to thank Lauren for never giving up on me and answering any questions I ever had, even if they were about how to arm knit! I want to thank Dr. Elizabeth Gaillard, for her guidance and helpfulness every step of the way. I want to thank Jennifer Tournear who has taught me all the lab procedures and always makes me laugh. I want to thank Michael Vega for always being there for me. I want to thank Sally for being such an amazing individual. I want to thank Kalyan for all the chocolate eggs. And finally I want to thank the other undergraduates in my lab for showing me the student I can be within the next few years. All of the people that I have worked with this year have taught me a lesson and I promise I will never forget them.


Keep Calm and Research On!

Katie Denius

April 9, 2015