Shannon Wapole’s presentation was extremely informative. I learned a lot about research conduct that I didn’t know before, particularly pertaining to ownership rights. Another thing I learned about was specific people within the University that I could conduct with questions regarding research and also IRB application information.

In the science field I know it is important to protect the identity of your project because if an experiment is published to thoroughly to early it can be duplicated and potentially stolen. Although this is not an ethical thing to do, it is a sad reality that some researchers face. I would say the Chemistry field conveys ethos by always citing articles and naming co-authors. Another very popular thing to do is collaborate on projects with other professors and even with other Universities.

During my fellowship I will ensure my own ethical conduct in a few different ways. The first thing I will be sure to do is to always cite my sources and site them correctly. This way all those who contributed to my project will receive credit for their contributions. In the same spirit I will also name my Graduate Assistant and my Research Professor as co-authors. The other thing I will do to ensure I uphold ethical conduct throughout the course of my research at NIU is by attending the training sessions put on by Shannon’s office to familiarize myself with the conduct practices.

Keep Calm and Research On!