So far things are going relatively well on my research project. The wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration tissue that my lab was waiting for the entire summer finally came in and so we are in the midst of analyzing it right now. Because we are partnered with Northwestern University on this project we are currently waiting to hear back from them so we can send the tissue sample on for additional testing. At their Department of Proteomics they have machines which run specialized tests on the tissue that we can’t complete at Northern on our own.

The biggest challenge in my research this far has actually been outside of the lab. I was assigned to complete a literature search and I have been having trouble finding time completing the article searches and writing about them all. The hardest part of completing the literature search is by far understanding the depth and breadth of information in each article.

As a peer mentor I am learning how to counsel my mentees and advise them on research questions and general class questions as well. It feels good to help them through this time which I remember so clearly from last year.

Keep Calm and Research On!