It took time… and a lot of waiting… But, are lab has finally scheduled a time to go in and use the Northwester Proteomics Lab. After obtaining the wet AMD tissue we needed half way through the year the next step was to test the tissue samples collected using the tools and machinery at Northwester (collaborators on this project). We are scheduled to meet with and test our sample on January 14, it will be a twelve hour day but will be well worth the wait. With the data collected from that day there will be enough information to begin publication of a paper on the differences we have found between dry and wet AMD in the past year and a half for my self and several years for my grad student. Needless to say we are both very excited!!

This experience is very different because there was less time spent learning laboratory techniques and general background knowledge, this year I just hit the ground running. And to be honest, I loved that.

Being a small group leader has been really great. By far the most challenging part is finding time where all my mentees and myself can meet, everyone is very busy. However, each of them know I am always available by phone if they ever need me! I have loved encouraging students that remind me a lot of myself last year.