Research is going relatively well. It was very exciting during first semester when we got the tissue we needed to continue the experiment. However, since then we have been doing a lot of waiting to use the machinery located at our partner facility Northwestern University. A portion of the mass spectrometer there is broken and it just so happens to be a part of the machine that we need data from. So until that machine gets fixed and we receive data back from their department running there sample it has been pretty slow around the lab. The graduate student I work with however is staying positive and talking about publishing a paper sometime before the end of next year!

I have learned a lot about the importance of patience in the academic world. It can be frustrating when you have this great idea that you have to wait on. But I think that anticipation is all a part of the game here.

I have learned a lot this semester about analyzing mass spectrometery data, which will greatly help me while presenting my posters at conferences.

My piece of advice to new students is to remember this is the only the beginning of your research experience here at Northern, if you want it to be. Keep working hard and communicating with your adviser to ensure a place in their lab in the following years.