The best part about having an engaged faculty mentor is knowing there is always someone there to lead you in the right direction and encourage you inside and outside of the lab. My research is going well I am currently working on an RPE (retinal pigment epithelial) cell project that requires complete and total sterilization. It has been a great experience for me because I have learned a lot about working with cells and the special care it takes to do so. I am for my other project somewhat on track with my timeline, but unfortunately until Northwestern fixes their machine we are kind of at a stand still on the biomarker project. This summer I plan on working in the lab on and off as a volunteer and am also going to an international conference for the American Society of Photobiologists in May! There I will be presenting my research from this and previous years. After that I am going on a study abroad to Ireland! I am so excited because the trip focuses on Public Health which is exactly what I am planning on going into in the future.

Being a peer mentor has been a great experience I have really enjoyed mentoring my small group. I believe I am a good listener and that when my students are in need of something I am always there to help them. They also know they can ask me a question about anything they’re having trouble with whether it is research related or not. Something I want to work on is having meetings that are more fun and engaging for my mentees. This semester I am going to make my group meetings more fun!