When I was a junior in High School I went on an amazing adventure to Argentina. I spent six weeks there learning their language, going to school and immersing myself in their amazing culture and sense of national pride. Although not all my experiences were completely positive I learned more about the importance of acceptance and the power of perseverance that summer than I had in my entire life.

Their culture was very centered around family, food, fiestas and  siestas. Unlike here in the United States Argentinians eat 4 meals per day: Breakfast, Lunch, Merienda and Dinner (which isn’t served until 10:00 PM most nights). Argentinians like to stay up late, they are able to do this because in their culture it is customary to come home in the afternoon and take an hour or two long nap. During this time, the siesta, all the businesses close down and restaurants go on a break. It is an interesting tradition that varies so much from anything here in the United States.

Being culturally aware is extremely important because it teaches acceptance. Having been in a place that was completely knew and foreign, not speaking the native tongue was hard. Which is why I try here to be understanding and take time to communicate with people where English is their second language.