This semester I have been involved in a community engagement project through Northern Lights Ambassadors. There is a professor at NIU who runs a school for girls in Africa called the Jane Adney Memorial School. Each NLA member is reaching out to clubs and organizations we are involved in and are all collecting resources for the school. We had the option to raise money or collect goods, we chose the latter. When donating goods people often feel like they are having a larger impact because they know their donation is going to good use- sometimes it is hard to tell with a monetary donation where exactly your contribution is going.

Therefore we are distributing boxes all over campus where we will be asking for hygiene items such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo and body wash and feminine hygiene project. We hope by donating these supplies we can help reduce cost for the JAMS in the coming year.

This dispersion of goods will have a large impact on the young women who go to the JAMS and may even free up enough money to fund another in need girl to go to school there. This project is a wonderful example of how big of an impact a group of people can make when they come together and work towards a common goal.