This is a sad day. I just went to my final Research Rookies meeting as a participant. All though I know I have many more RR meetings coming my way I am sad that this chapter of my life is coming to a close. Research Rookies has provided me with so much and contributed greatly to my success here at NIU. I just wanted to say thank you now before URAD and before all the craziness of presentations, to OSEEl, to my research mentor and to the grad students who make research accessible and fun!

My academic goals are to continue in school until I have earned my Bachelor’s of Biological Sciences and then I hope to go to medical school in the Chicago-land area. I want to specialize in pediatric ophthalmology! Undergraduate research has helped me in so many ways, the most important being extending my knowledge of the biochemistry of the human eye past what I could have ever learned in a classroom.