I have began shadowing an ophthalmologist named Dr. Friedrichs. He works out of an office in DeKalb and has offered me a lot of wonderful advice and guidance. Shadowing is a very important aspect of the pre-professional education track because it gives students a good idea for what the lifestyle and work environment of various specialists in the medical field is like. I enjoyed watching Dr. Friedrichs interact with new patients and veteran patients alike. Being a doctor that help people regain vision seems so rewarding. One thing I learned from my day shadowing was that becoming an ophthalmologist may not be an option for me because of my vision. In order to conduct surgery the doctor must have perfect vision because the difference between a millimeter depth and 2 millimeters in depth within the eye can be detrimental to the patients sight. Although this isn’t great news because I am so passionate about vision and good vision care I am still going to continue my research within the visual field and stay engaged. Because you never know what the future can hold.